This was such a fun short film to put together. It took a lot of hard work, organization, perseverance, and patience but not unlike anything worth doing.

I came up with the plot for the short film Kindler around a month prior to Valentine's Day 2015. Rather than giving myself till VDAY 2016 to finish the idea I decided to call my brother up and get to writing it. In under a week Austin and I had written and scripted out each scene, which was a laughter filled process being that a lot of these stories were based on real experiences of friends who shall remain nameless ;).

Immediately after that we started making the calls to put it in motion. It all really fell together. I was sitting in Bond Coffee in the Gulch trying to think of a cafe to shoot the first and second scenes in when I realized...I'm sitting in the perfect coffee shop right now. Thanks to the great folks at Bond they made it happen.

Within a week we had access to all the gear we needed and started shooting. With a huge thanks to we shot on the Arri Amira, Ultra Primes, and a few Cine Zooms. We also ended up using the C300 for a few shots as well.

All of the actors and actresses did phenomenal jobs in my opinion. Everyone lived out their character for this short film perfectly. It was incredibly cold at times and everyone pushed through it. It's always great to see people come together and put in their best effort regardless of the guaranteed profits of something like this. It's the people that don't forget why they do what they do that stick out amongst the crowd.

Directing Chase Tucker(Lotto) in Date #4 as Andy Burchett gets ready to shoot Chase's scene where he approaches the car. L to R: Dustin Haney, Chase Tucker, Andy Burchett.

Sometimes, the more you get caught up in life you get into a groove. A groove of getting stuff done, making ends meet, and pushing through the stuff that comes flying at you. Sometimes it makes sense and can be completely cleansing, to step back and allow yourself to do something fun. Something creative. Hit the reset switch. This short film was a definitely a creative reset switch for me. I've never had so many new ideas.

Also, special thanks to Austin for letting us destroy his car. As well as the girl who shouted, "penis" in middle of the Date #1 scene...sorry you didn't make it into the edit.

So if you missed it or just want to watch it again, here's Kindler.