Whiskey. Seems self-explanatory in just that one single word. Sometimes words, things, traditions, pop into your head and inspiration hits. Or if not inspiration at least the desire to create. To create something from nothing.

That's one of the many things I love about photography and film(or digital video for all you sticklers out there). It gives you an oppurtunity to create. An opportunity that shouldn't be taken advantage of or cast away. I personally believe that every video and photo I create is in someway an expression of something within me. A feeling, emotion, view, or vision. Except of course for the occasional project that is just simply to pay the bills. It may come down to just the color  correction, composition, or movement of the shot. Regardless, the element is there.

That's what this video was about. I was goofing off playing around with my BMPCC, shooting random things around the house and Ronnie Dunn's, "Wastin' Good Whiskey" came on my iTunes shuffled library. A great song. Then my focus was immediately directed to shooting the miscellaneous whiskey items around my apartment. It may end up only being 15 seconds, but the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes creativity strikes. And sometimes you're pleased with the results.