EZRA - a short film

Wrote this concept a few months back, when I was anxious for spring to arrive. Cause let's face it, deep down there's still that little kid inside that wants to go camp out in the woods and make do out of nothing.

That was the goal when I was writing this story. Not so much to write a story as to write something that could be visually transmitted to the viewer. To show the feeling of being 8 years old again running through trenches, soaking your tennis shoes. Sometimes you don't need distracting dialogue, overbearing background music, or a bunch of fancy transitions. Short and sweet, this is what I was going for.

Big shoutout to my little brother for putting in some hard work running around in this for me.

I shot this out in Shelbyville, TN on the Panasonic Lumix GH4 and DJI Inspire 1. Both in 4K. On the GH4 I used a Metabones speed booster and Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8. With the speed booster that gave me a max aperture of 1.2. Incredibly useful. I also used Kessler's Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly for the dolly shots. Pretty much used one of my favorite setups of all time. If not before it is now.

 I feel like both of these cameras were perfect for the job, on a budget, and captured some amazing images. Overall it gave me what I was after. Making every shot iconic via unique composition. From wide angles with lots of negative space to off-set close ups with another story unfolding in the background. Funnily enough the running through the woods sequences were shot on the INSPIRE with no propellers. A make shift steadicam ha.

Overall this was an incredibly fun project. I love doing these shorts. Because despite the rush of a full-time gig or being on the road, you should never forget to take some time to slow down, draw up some original ideas, and Be A Creative.