So remember when my daddy let me drive to have a good time last week, way down yonder at the Bridgestone arena around 5 o'clock somewhere? (For those of you who didn't catch it, I just successfully made 5 Alan Jackson puns. You're welcome.)

Back to reality. A buddy of mine called me up to come shoot this show(opened by Jeff Foxworthy & Jon Pardi with Alan Jackson headlining) and it was a blast. Shooting in arenas never gets old for me. To me, the most important aspect of taking photos and videos lies in being able to capture and relay the true nature and environment of the event to people who weren't there. Whether it's shooting from the back of the arena in the nosebleeds to being in the pit looking up at the artist and into the glare of those bright stage lights, both are incredibly pertinent to telling the story.

My friend Craig Rutherford(KILLER LD and all around lighting expert) created an AMAZING light show and really added to the impact of Alan's already phenomenal performance. Over the course of Alan's set(around 85 minutes) I had walked the entire arena and captured photos from as many angles as possible.

Here are a few images from the show as well as a short promo I put together.